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In the pursuit of continuous improvement of products at the same time,
star Hitt has always been committed to providing customers with high quality molds.

XINGXITE manufacturing PET mold is widely used in domestic and foreign food,
beverage, water, edible oil, daily necessities and medical supplies and other well-known enterprises  

Product features--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bottle preform mould:

(1) adopting the world advanced level 2 double taper positioning technology, each cavity independent self-locking, ensure mold concentricity.

(2) the mold cavity injection, injection core choose Sweden original preheating process of die steel for quality manufacturing.

(3) thread mouth made according to international standards, material chooses import nitride steel, high hardness, long service life.

(4) die life assurance mode more than once in 2 million.

Cap mould:

1) mould surface chromium plating processing

(2) parts using CNC machining equipment

(3) USES the international first-class 3 d modeling software design plastic bottle cap appearance.

(4) will be able to give you advice on a variety of plastic bottle cap shape design.

Bottle blowing mould:

(1) using 3 d computer graphics design, production, such as 5 gallons, jar, shampoo, medicine bottles, capped, PET heat cans, cans, carbonated beverage bottle mould, etc.

(2) to cooperate with customers to jointly develop design and manufacturing.

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